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Welcome, I'm so glad you're here!

Chances are that if you are here, you are looking for a more sustainable approach to your overall health and fitness. 

It’s never to late to start taking care of your body!

Instead of a one size fits all approach or a fad diet, I help women learn what foods help them feel their best and what to avoid. I personalize all aspects of their health plan so they can feel confident and reach their goals. 

What if...

What if feeling healthy wasn’t as far away as it may seem?
What if you could eat and move in a way that makes you feel good and have more energy?
What if you felt more consistent and confident in your lifestyle?
What if you felt more comfortable in your own skin? 

Have you been told that you need to eat less and move more?
Or “if you want to lose weight you should cut carbs”, “Just be more disciplined”
Or my favorite “your labs look good” but you still feel like you have been run over by a truck

It’s not as simple as the above statements especially if you struggle with an autoimmune condition or other chronic illness. NOT EVEN CLOSE…
I am here to tell you that there is a different way. A BETTER WAY!
Everyone is different and there is no one size fits all approach to health and wellness.
What makes you feel good and allows your body to heal will look different from your friends and family. Together we will look at all the aspects of your diet, exercise, and lifestyle to uncover the reason you don’t feel your best and aren’t reaching your goals. 

I help women who are health conscious lay out the groundwork to support fat loss, better digestion, and hormone support. My mission is to help you learn what works best for you so you no longer feel stressed about food. 

We will build a better relationship around food, exercise, and daily habits. We will work to understand how to properly fuel your body, and support your gut microbiome, metabolism, and hormones. You will feel healthy, happy, and confident without feeling restricted, deprived and anxious about your health and wellness. 

Imagine feeling rested and energetic upon getting out of bed.
Imagine feeling good about the foods you are putting in your body and not guilty (whether it’s “healthy” or not). No more 3 p.m. energy slumps, no more bloat, no more feeling uncomfortable in your clothing. 

Kelli Richardson
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Over the past year I have had the privilege of training with Brandi and I cannot emphasize enough how wonderful my experience has been. Brandi's dedication to her clients is truly remarkable. She is wholeheartedly invested in her clients success. Her ability to customize workouts, target specific areas for improvement, and genuine passion for helping others make her an exceptional trainer. In addition to her expertise and professionalism, Brandi's friendly and approachable nature creates a comfortable and supportive environment. Her positive energy and encouragement have been instrumental in keeping me motivated throughout my fitness journey. I highly recommend Brandi's training services to anyone seeking a dedicated and knowledgeable fitness professional.
Mary Bryant
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Brandi has really helped me put in the time and energy for getting myself healthier and in better shape. She listened to my concerns and personal goals for my healthier me, lifestyle change. Brandi has given me the knowledge to succeed in my goals, encouraged and challenged me to give it my all. She has helped me develop my mind set in a positive way and is always there to guide me and answer any questions or get over any hurdles I may have. Her fitness plan and nutrition guidance has helped me lose pounds and inches and feel so much better. She has been the best fitness coach I’ve had the pleasure to work with.
Kimmi Sifford
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Brandi has been exceptional to work with! She is always there whenever I have a question no matter how ridiculous it is. Anytime I have needed her she has gotten back to me quickly, and given me great advice and helpful hints. Since starting I feel so much better, and I am making much healthier choices. She taught me what exactly nutrition was and what my body needed and we figured out what my body didn’t need. How to still eat the things I like but still keep in my calories and stick to the food exchange list. What un-nutritious things to substitute for nutritious things. How to prepare it properly, and eat the correct amount of it. How exactly to balance my meals and control what I eat. Her exercises were great for someone just starting out and I wouldn’t have started on this journey with anyone else.