What To Expect

Change your life in the next 12 weeks

When you make a commitment with Virago, you are commiting to bettering yourself and living a more healthy lifestyle. With our 12 week plan, we can guide you and help you achieve this and be successful!


Personalized Nutrition Plan

Working with Virago isn’t a diet. A diet suggest that you can go back to your former way of eating that likely landed you in the position your in. It’s a lifestyle and mindset shift. We don’t cut whole food groups, unless you have a food sensitivity or medical need. You don’t have to kill your self in the gym to get results either. You will learn what works best for you. How to fuel your body while still enjoying food and finding balance in your everyday life.


Personalized Exercise Plan

While our main focus here at Virago is nutrition coaching, we can guide you in the proper direction for a personalized exercise plan. This could be something as simple as walking for 30 minutes each day, to a more extreme approach, depending on your end goal.

We spend a lot of time as we grow up learning about so many different subjects. Unfortunately, none of that typically includes proper nutrition, how to exercise correctly for the body we want, the importance of a happy gut, sleep and hormone health. I help empower women with the knowledge they need to find balance through nutrition, exercise and a healthy lifestyle.

  • 12 week commitment
  • Macro/portion control based eating approach, you’ll be given customized goals for how much protein, fats and carbohydrates to eat each day.
  • We will discuss digestion, bathroom habits, menstrual health and hormone health to make sure things are functioning optimally.
  • Hydration, supplement, exercise, sleep and food timing suggestions to help you reach your goals.
  • Access to me via phone, email and text along with weekly or biweekly check ins (based on your needs) by phone, email or zoom meetings.
  • Nutrition will be portion control/macronutrient based with adjustments made to your calories based on factors such as: activity level, hunger cues, body composition and your feedback to help you find ideal macros so you can live your best life and meet you goals.

My mission is to change the typical nutrition mindset, ditch the fad diets and educate you on what your nutrition and fitness needs are so you can build from that and continue your new healthy habits on your own