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I believe that what you eat effects how you feel! I teach and practice a balanced approach to eating so you can still enjoy food. Being overly restrictive is just a recipe for failure. I eat lots of fruit, leafy greens and lean proteins but also enjoy a good margarita and tacos! And don’t even get me started on a big delicious cheeseburger and fries! I love eating well and exercising but I also enjoy a lazy day with a book in my hand or binge watching something on Netflix.
When I’m not dreaming of food and thinking about what I get to eat next you can typically find me at the gym, in my garden or hanging with my family. I enjoy a stroll through a good grocery store and playing with recipe ideas.

I’m a nutrition coach and fitness trainer. I specialize in helping women advocate for themselves and find lasting solutions to their hormone and gut health problems. After struggling for years myself with horrible pms, irregular cycles, migraines, bloating and acne. Then later in life a diagnosis of Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis that came with horrible fatigue and inflammation. I decided to educate myself on how to get to the bottom of things and stop using bandaid drugs that only cover up and somewhat treat symptoms and not solve any actual problems. I was told by my doctor that my labs looked great and I should be feeling fine based on that. The shoulder shrug that followed, was the icing on the cake! I was determined to figure this out. No more living life uncomfortable and in pain and being told things like “well, you are over 30 now” or “you have a family history”.
The problem that I ran into is there is no one size fit all approach. The information is conflicting and overwhelming. Who do you trust? The answer to that my friend is me! I have been there and I have done that! It’s still a bit of trial and error but I have laid the foundation and started building the steps to get us on our way to better living! You see I started this business with a food is medicine approach. No more bandaid solutions and wasted time. I can help you to through personalized nutrition and lifestyle recommendations.

At Virago I know how important gaining control of your health can be. You want to be as in control of your health as every other aspect of your life. In order to do so, you need to find the root causes of your conditions. Such as pms, thyroid disease, PCOS, digestive health, migraines, acne and more.
There is no one size fits all diet, exercise or supplement regimen for all women who struggle with these issues. Chances are you don’t have the time or even the gumption to sort through all the conflicting information yourself. Believe me I know how overwhelming it can be. I understand that traditional medicine is only one piece of the puzzle but it isn’t always enough. That’s where I come in. Together with your physicians we can formulate a plan to get you on the path of healing!

Balanced nutrition and health for women

I help women get to the root causes of their hormone and gut health issues by supporting them through lifestyle and nutrition based healing.

Some random facts about me:
When I was little my mom and I lived in the city while she put herself through school and worked her butt off to get us out of a not so great neighborhood. I got to spend a lot of time with my grandparents while my mom was at school or work. My grandparents had a small farm and I loved it!

I grew up with animals and dogs and learned how to preserve food and enjoy the outdoors.

My husband and I still live in the country and although we don’t have a farm we do raise chickens, dogs and have a garden.

I love water, swimming, fishing, kayaking, any of it!

My favorite colors are pink, turquoise and purple.

I use to hate eating veggies, now I love them, well sort of…

I’m super competitive

I have been a licensed cosmetologist since I was 17.

Kimmi Sifford
Brandi has been exceptional to work with! She is always there whenever I have a question no matter how ridiculous it is. Anytime I have needed her she has gotten back to me quickly, and given me great advice and helpful hints. Since starting I feel so much better, and I am making much healthier choices. She taught me what exactly nutrition was and what my body needed and we figured out what my body didn’t need. How to still eat the things I like but still keep in my calories and stick to the food exchange list. What un-nutritious things to substitute for nutritious things. How to prepare it properly, and eat the correct amount of it. How exactly to balance my meals and control what I eat. Her exercises were great for someone just starting out and I wouldn’t have started on this journey with anyone else.

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